The leaks keep on coming about Nintendo’s upcoming mystery handheld console, the Nintendo NX. Before we confirmed dimensions, hardware specs, resolution, hardware design and even backward compatibility for Nintendo 3DS games. Now, it appears another source has leaked an important feature. This time, the feature is about Nintendo NX Region Lock.

nintendo nx region lock
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There won’t be any Nintendo NX Region Lock

Laura Dale of lets play video games reported that her sources are claiming that Nintendo will not be region locking the upcoming console. Nintendo is notorious for using region locking for as early as the 80s when they introduced the Nintendo Entertainment System to the world. The console had two versions, the Japanese and the normal NES for the world (and even that had an authorization chip for different regions).

Nintendo continued the trend till the WiiU and WiiU gamepad. Nintendo DS didn’t have region-locking (Nintendo DSi did) neither did the GBA, Game Booy Advance. If the rumors are true, we would be having another Nintendo console free from the region-locking nuisance. Nintendo NX is also rumored to use cartridges and not discs, sources tell WSJ.

“Industry watchers said cartridges were a reasonable choice for Nintendo’s next-generation system, code-named NX, because the company targets a wider range of consumers than Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo’s core fans include small children, who might scratch discs but find cartridges tougher to damage. Cartridges also allow games to load faster, are harder to copy and can be mass-produced faster than discs, they said.”

Nintendo has not given any official info and has yet to confirm anything regarding the Nintendo NX. So, we’ll have to wait for the Tokyo Game Show for the revelation. So far, however, Nintendo’s new console appears to be amazing but we’ll have to see whether the rumors about its specs are true or not. We’ll keep you updated about Nintendo NX and the company’s other products. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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