Nintendo NX may be a complete mystery to most of us, but there’s lots of insiders who do know a thing or two about what Nintendo is cooking behind the scenes. One such insider appears to be Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, who talked about the console at an earnings call recently. While he doesn’t drop any bombshells on what the console might be, he does give it a hint about what it can do.

nintendo nx

According to Guillemot (via Gamespot), what Ubisoft has seen about the console has been “really great”, and that the console with help the industry grow. He also believes that it will bring a lot of casual players back into the industry, which makes the NX sound like it will recapture the magic of the Nintendo Wii. Of course, it remains to be seen whether or not the console will end up accomplishing this – or whether it will end up a failure like the Wii U.

Nintendo has formerly confirmed that the Nintendo NX will release in March 2017. There’s a lot of rumours floating around about what it might actually be, but supposedly, the idea behind it is so radical, Nintendo is afraid that competitors might copy it. At this point, if the console is just a dedicated console to play Pokémon GO, it might still take Nintendo to the absolute top.

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