Nintendo NX, PS4K, Xbox 1.5: What to Expect at This Year’s E3

We are less than a month away from E3, and this one is going to be like no other. Rumours and leaks have led us to believe that this year’s E3, we’re going to see new consoles well before it’s time to bid goodbye to the current generation of consoles (with the exception of the Nintendo NX, which will be a proper “next generation” console for Nintendo). So which ones are going to make the show, and which ones are going to be a no show? Read on to discover.

Xbox One, PS4

Nintendo NX

Nintendo has made their stance clear. While they’ve owned up to do developing the next-generation Nintendo NX, they’ve also said that the console will not appear at this year’s E3. It will be released in March 2017 next year, which means that the earliest we’ll hear about the console is some time later this year. This year, Nintendo’s show will be dedicated entirely to The Legend of Zelda. The most we’ll learn about the Nintendo NX will come from what we can deconstruct from the Zelda showing.

Sony PS4K (or PS4 Neo, or PS4.5)

Sony has kept shut about the rumoured “PS4K”, a console supposedly powerful enough to render PS4 games at 4K resolution. It is internally referred to as the PS4 Neo, and will reportedly not feature any exclusive games. Instead, it will show a performance improvement for existing PS4 games. With rumours pointing towards the device launching in October this year, it sounds very likely that Sony will announce the device at their conference this year.

Microsoft Xbox 1.5(?)

Microsoft is the most mysterious of the three bunch (surprisingly) this year. On one hand, leaked patents and rumours suggest that they are indeed working on a variant of the Xbox One. On the other hand, Phil Spencer has made it clear that he has no interest in an “Xbox One and a Half”. Could Microsoft be digging in the opposite direction as Sony and working on an “Xbox One Slim” instead?

All will be revealed at E3 this year, so make sure you keep all eyes on the conferences on June 13th this year.

  • Hans Olo

    I bought my Wii U November 18, 2012….launch with Zelda hopes… I think most feel the same …lost hope in Nintendo. I own all the consoles and was stupid enough to buy the WII U, hoping for Zelda etc. Now I dont even care anymore……watch some Nintendo Fanboy will respond to my negative post like”The WII U is great with excellent 1st party support and dont worry you will get Zelda for the WII U just wait. Why do Nintendo freaks defend this attitude from Nintendo? Seriously? Fool me once Nintendo SHAME ON YOU, Fool me again Nintendo Shame on Me……Im not going to be fooled!…………..Que the Fanboys to attack me and my comment! come on, I know you’re out there you know who you are, the ones that only own a Wii U and not an Xbox One or PS4.

    Ill be sticking with XBOX 2 and PS4.5