GameStop CEO Paul Raines has confirmed that the Nintendo NX will be a console that accepts physical media, which means that it will not be a digital-only console as some had speculated in the past (via VG247). This statement came at a recent GameStop earnings call, and it is a rare actual clue regarding the upcoming console’s hardware.

nintendo nx

According to Raines, GameStop considers the Nintendo NX an “important console” for the next year. The console is expected to release in March 2017, as has been confirmed directly by Nintendo. GameStop also expects that their pre-owned business will ‘play a role’, which suggests that Nintendo won’t be pulling any Microsoft-esque stunts when it comes to locking down disk sharing or disk resale.

Of course, we don’t know whether there are going to be actual optical disks: one thread of rumours suggests that Nintendo might be returning to cartridges instead. It seems rather unlikely, but you never know when it comes to Nintendo.

GameStop isn’t the only company excited for the console by any means. Ubisoft and Square Enix have already announced games for the console, apart from a few other studios. CD Projekt RED also recently expressed their approval of the console in a German interview (before quickly backtracking on the comments).


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