Nintendo NX still hasn’t been officially revealed by the company. So far, we have rumors and leaks to go by. Furthermore, there is no harm in further speculation. However, keep in mind we base our speculation and predictions based on leaks from reliable sources. So, that means these 10 predictions can be authentic to quite an extent.

nintendo nx
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1. Nintendo NX will be hand-held console hybrid

What the basically means is it won’t just be a console in your living room, but can also be carried to places. Expect a design similar to the Wii U. You will have the controller in your hands. The controller can be separated from the handheld console screen to be used as the Wii U remote.

2. It might make the Wii U and 3DS obsolete

Even though Nintendo assures us it won’t but we are highly skeptical of that. The reason is that the NX will be able to handle next gen games much better than Nintendo’s previous console. This, combined with the fact that it is rumored to be a living-room console/ handheld hybrid, means we will have no use of the Wii U and 3DS.

3. Everything you own will still work with the NX

This includes the Wii U Remote, the Wii Wheels, the Bouncy Boards and even your 3DS system. We think it will still come with a sensor bar and motion control somewhere.

4. It will be powerful

It will be a huge upgrade from Nintendo’s current consoles. However, it won’t be as powerful as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Pro. The reason for that is that Nintendo prioritizes creative design and gameplay over graphics. So, this not necessarily a complaint.

5. There will be a mainline Mario launch game

Mainline Mario games always come pretty late in the development cycle. With Wii U, we got pretty lucky that we got Super Mario 3D World pretty early in the development cycle. The launch window for this console is pretty important for us to decide what is going to happen to the system. If you think about a new Mario game, one simply wonders what new features will it introduce to outdo its predecessors.

6. Nintendo NX will be a multi-purpose console

We’re talking about Youtube and Netflix streaming. The new console should also allow us to upload videos, watch movies and more. Kind of like the Xbox One, but much smaller and with weaker hardware. We certainly think the new console will have the Share button on their new console. It’s about time they join the Youtube culture.

7. VR?

This very unlikely, given how weak the hardware is. But Nintendo should definitely try to follow the trend and introduce this in the future. If they get left behind while Sony and Microsoft rush ahead on the VR train, they might get left really far behind.

8. Specs

The Nintendo NX will have a screen with a 720p resolution. So, it will still be far behind the current gen and next gen consoles. So, we expect some minimal specs on the new console.

9. Will it even be called the Nintendo NX?

There is no confirmation from Nintendo regarding the name of the new console. And seriously, what is the Nintendo NX supposed to mean anyway. Just like with the PS4 Neo being revealed as PS4 Pro, Nintendo’s new console might also reveal its name to be something else when it is finally announced.

10. Expect a game changer from Nintendo

Nintendo will come out with a concept that will be very close to what Wii was back in its day. So far, the handheld/ living room console hybrid seems a lot of appealing but not revolutionary. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Let us know what you think of Nintendo NX predictions.