Nintendo NX “More Powerful than PS4” Rumour Debunked by Insider

NeoGAF has been extremely abuzz with rumours surrounding the Nintendo NX, and the latest round of insider leaks suggested that the console will actually be more powerful than the PlayStation 4 “by a noticeable amount”. Nintendo insider Emily Rogers, who does not have a NeoGAF account, has shut down this rumour by stating that the GPU and power levels are wrong.

nintendo nx

Here is what multiple sources close to Nintendo are telling me about 10k’s hardware rumors: The gimmick is made up. GPU is wrong. Power level is wrong.” “The specs on NX are good, but a lot of the information being shared in this thread is incorrect.

I was told that NX has good specs, but the info in this thread on the GPU and power level is just not correct. Sorry to burst everyone’s hype.

According to the original leak, which came from user 10k, the CPU, GPU and RAM would all be significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 4. He also went on to suggest that Smash Bros. 4, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Maker and Splatton will be ported to the console. The porting rumour corresponds to what Emily Rogers recently said, that a few Wii U games will indeed by ported to the NX. She did not, however, specify which ones would be ported exactly.As the console is expected to launch later this year, we will continue to see rumours both true and false. The only way we’ll know for sure is when Nintendo properly unveils the console, which might be at E3 2016 or prior that event. E3 will be held in mid-June, so we only have to wait a couple of months.What do you think will the specs of the Nintendo NX be like? Let us know in the comments below.

  • James McCready

    Nintendo is dead period. So news about anything nintendo doesn’t catch my attention. The nx is already outdated.

    • FatAlbert1020

      “Nintendo news doesn’t catch my attention”
      Comments about NX on an NX article. Your comment is the very embodiment of an oxymoron

    • justerthought

      What are you on about. Of course Nintendo have captured your attention. Your here aren’t writing comments. We have proof that we can see. No use denying it.

  • FatAlbert1020

    To me debunking the last set of rumors sounds like damage control. Those rumors were way too precise concerning tech that’s right down the pipeline from AMD. This persons sources could be from Nintendo, trying to put the fire out on the Polaris GPU rumors

    • justerthought

      Managing expectations is a form of damage control. If you just let these things run, they get out of control and that leads to disappointment when the thing is actually announced, killing all the launch and publicity campaign.

      Sony are in the same situation with the PS4.5 or PS4K. The gamers want and are expecting a more powerful console because it is technically possible and seems the right thing to do within the current marlet, but that may not be the case. These companies need to manage expectations a little better.

      Nintendo have always had a separate niche market away from the hardcore gamers. That niche market use to be young children, then it was the casuals as well. They have now lost the casuals because they have moved onto the next trend which is mobile phones and tablets. The young children have now grown up and jumped across to PS4 or XB1.

      Only those wanting to relive their childhood still buy Nintendo, or those buying the console for their children, so Nintendo has a shrinking market. The rumours were that they were doing the logical thing and moving a bit upmarket with more powerful gear to attract the hardcore gamers and adult ex Nintendo gamers, but that appears not to be the case. That is a concern.