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In just a few weeks the Tokyo game show will reveal Nintendo’s new mystery console. Rumor and speculation have already painted an exciting picture of the NX and it’s apparent by now Nintendo wants to combine the experience of both of its flagship consoles, Wii U and 3DS, into one.

via tweaktown
via tweaktown

Rumors and leaks speculate detachable sides of the handheld portion

As such, the console would consist of a bulky box placed close to your TV and a handheld portion where all the fun happens. Several leaks suggest the handheld portion would be a very thin controller. In fact, both lets play videogames and Eurogamer confirmed these leaks. The controller will also implement directional force feedback. So, if you’re playing Legend of Zelda and a monster attacks from the left side, you will feel the left portion of the controller vibrate. There will also be motion control like the one in Wii. You will have to rotate the handheld controller for motion effects. The detachable sides can be used in the same way as the Wii remote.

via giantbomb
via giantbomb

Of course, none of this matters if the games line-up isn’t appealing. So, we’ll be looking at the upcoming games line-up to see how developers take advantage of Nintendo’s new console. Nintendo NX is slated for a March 2017 release but we’ll see a reveal of the console in the upcoming week. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news on the Nintendo NX.


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