The last we heard of Nintendo NX, Shigeru Miyamoto was mentioning his fears of competitors copying the “unique” idea that it is built around. We still have no official news or confirmation on what that idea is, but we might be starting to see a clearer picture, if a recent patent filed by Nintendo is any indication. According to Inquisitr, it is customary for Nintendo to file patents before revealing the console they’re working on. What’s been patented this time, however, looks remarkably like a handheld device…

nintendo nx

The very detailed patents describe the device as a “handheld information processing apparatus” that features a single screen (as opposed to the double screens of the DS and 3DS). There’s touchscreen, as well as speakers and a vibration system. There’s a number of designs, including one with on-screen buttons, and another with physical buttons. There’s also one that resembles the lower half of a 3DS.

If early theories surrounding the Nintendo NX are true, Nintendo plans to combine both the handheld console and home console spheres into one, essentially one-upping the Wii U. There’s a lot of potential with a concept like that, but Nintendo is known to keep throwing curveballs. For all we know, maybe what they’re working on is really something no one has predicted.

Would you like a handheld as a controller for the Wii U? Let us know in the comments below.


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