Nintendo NX, is still getting leaks and rumors, this time by Nintendo insider Emily Rodgers. We’ve decided to summarize some of the more important hardware specs and leaks here and give our thoughts on each one of them. In April of this year, Nintendo announced the new console and said it will be released in March of next year. Further details about the new console are expected to be announced at the Tokyo Game Show this year. Here are 5 important things you should know about the Nintendo NX.

nintendo nx
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Nintendo NX Backward Compatibility might be a reality

With 3DS still highly popular we won’t be surprised if Nintendo allows backward compatibility for most of its 3DS games. Although the new console will have its own share of upcoming titles like Pokemon Sun and Moon and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, it’ll still help the console a lot if buyers are able to play many 3DS games on it as well.

Nintendo NX is inferior to PS4 and Xbox One in terms of power

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Although, some really high-end games have been ported to Nintendo consoles before like Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mass Effect 3 but given how demanding games are these days it’s really hard to predict whether the Nintendo NX would be able to run them smoothly if they ever get ported. Still, most of the games on Nintendo consoles are amazing in their own right and offer a rich visual and gameplay experience, so we really don’t feel disappointed if the next Battlefield won’t be coming to the new console.

Nintendo NX will have a Share/ Social button

Multiple sources have told Emily Rodgers that Nintendo NX will have a share button on the console just like Sony’s “share”. It’ll most likely be used to share in-game content with other Nintendo NX users.

Portable screen will have 720p

The portable screen of the Nintendo NX will be 720p. It’s low but we’re not surprised. However, we were expecting more pixels from the new console given how most consoles like Scorpio and Neo are already moving to 4K. The screen will also be around 6 inches and the prototype will be around 14 mm in thickness.

Nintendo NX will support Unity and Unreal game engines

This is really good news. Since the arrival of UDK 4, there have been a lot of videos of developers recreating Super Mario and Legend of Zelda in the game engine. And these re-creations aren’t just clumsy spoofs but very accurate in terms of model depiction and movement and mechanics. We’ll be waiting to see what kind of products the community makes for the Nintendo NX. You can view Emily’s full blog post here.

Are you excited for the upcoming Nintendo NX? Do you think Nintendo NX will feature backward compatibility for 3DS games? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you updated about Nintendo NX and other products being developed and published by Nintendo in the future. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.

  • P1nGu1n0

    Pokemon sun and moon are for 3ds not NX.

  • Bortly

    Inferior to PS3 and Xbox 1? What are you talking about my friend? You obviously meant PS4, but to say INFERIOR inmplies that the console will not be MORE FUN than the 2 twin consoles, not accurate.

    • sarim mehdi

      thank you for pointing out the mistake, I’ll change it to ps4. As for “inferior”, I was using it in the context of processing power which nintendo consoles lack in comparison to microsoft and sony consoles.

    • Shawn Robeck

      “INFERIOR implies that the console will not be MORE FUN”. I took inferior to mean less powerful, so I dunno how you interpreted it to mean less fun. By definition inferior has nothing to do with fun. Some people find playing a stick and ball to be more fun, but it’s inferior technology for sure.

      Inexcusable to not at least be as powerful as the Ps4 and X1 that released 4 years ago. This will be another Wii U conundrum will it being too expensive for most casual users, but to gimped for the hardcore audience. I just gotta shake my head and wonder…..