Frankly, we don’t get why Nintendo gets craps on as much as it does. Especially compared to Sony and Microsoft. Not to say Nintendo’s flawless, far from it. but how the hell did the XBone (which had an utterly disastrous announcement that should’ve turned off a lot of people, even with their half-assed backpedaling) and the PS4 both outsell the WiiU despite neither system having very worthwhile games at launch. And most of their games are STILL being sold as multi-platformers with their own last generation systems.

nintendo switch

Nintendo deserves more of the spotlight than Sony or Microsoft

Whereas Nintendo got flak for upgrading to the next gen early. And essentially just releasing “a Wii with a tablet”. The WiiU was still very much its own console nevertheless. Sony and Microsoft are pulling the same crap, but even worse. They’re expecting you to pay for a whole new system just for a chance to play games in slightly higher resolution. And not even that can be pulled off right from what we’re hearing. And “maybe” a couple games that can only work on the new hardware.

We’re really hoping these mid-generation systems crash and burn. But much like the PS4 and XBone themselves, we get the feeling that an idiot public easily taken in by glitz and glamor will support them enough to make them at least somewhat of a success. Hopefully, the Nintendo Switch will change things for the better. And the company could return to its former glory once again.


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