Almost every Nintendo fan knows the Nintendo Classic Mini NES remained a major hit for a very long time. The NES Mini was one of the best and most sold video game console by Nintendo. It was not long ago when Nintendo halted the production of NES classic mini and it seems now Nintendo is planning to introduce SNES Mini once again.

It is expected that the SNES Mini will follow the footsteps of Nintendo Switch and will be a great success as in both sales and worldwide popularity.

The Nintendo NES Classic Mini was retired by Nintendo unceremoniously and that led to a worldwide negative reaction that Nintendo themselves have confirmed. However, despite heavy criticism, Nintendo had to discontinue the NES because it was hard to mass produce because of certain reasons.

Since the end of NES Classic Mini, there have been rumors, reports, and speculations about Nintendo planning to release the Mini SNES. Recently, fans found out a new Nintendo patent that confirmed that the tech giant has plans to launch a new product in the Mini console range. In addition, the SNES controller was spotted by some fans earlier and it later was made available to the public in December 2016.

Since the SNES Classic Controller came out, another huge speculation erupted that led the fans to believe that Nintendo might be working on a Classic console for the fans. Based on these findings, fans were left to the thought that a new Nintendo Classic console is on its way and it could be the SNES Classic Mini.

This speculation now seems to be changing into a reality as more and more evidence is uncovering with the passage of time. Another big speculation suggests that Nintendo is going to offer 30 built-in NES games. In addition, the device will be introduced with a classic controller that plugs into the console. Furthermore, an HDMI cable and a USB cable is also part of the package.

The controllers with the SNES Mini Console will also be usable with the Virtual Console games on both Nintendo Wii and Wii U.

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To sum it all up, another break from a trusted source Eurogamer has also recently arrived. According to some sources close to Eurogamer, the SNES Mini version is currently in works and will be hitting the markets soon. More likely, it’ll come out in the time of Holiday Season.