People will give Nintendo a hard time because they’re sick of all these freaking leaks. Nintendo’s marketing is bad enough showing off nearly every surprise from Pokemon. Then we have the entire Pokedex leak, games are leaking, features are leaking, release dates are leaking. And now we have so many they’re basically just attention seeking for publicity. And it’s pissing many off.

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Nintendo leaks might not be good

If the final boss from The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild is leaked. Or anything with the next Xenoblade many will freaking lose it. There’s value to discovering things in game. Imagine being told that a main character in FFVII would die before the end of the game before you played it back in ’97. Not even saying who, just that someone will die. You’d never get attached to any of the characters because you’d be waiting for it to happen. And then when it does it’s not an “oh my gosh, I can’t believe they did that!” moment, it’s just “oh, so it was her”.

Leaks spoil games. They take away moments that make the game special. Had we run into Red and Blue in Pokemon Moon without having seen them in the trailer we’d have lost our mind. Now many haven’t even gotten to them because they don’t even care. They know they’re going to be there. They have nothing left to explore and discover because they already know the best surprises from what’s left. We hate leaks. We’re completely against them because we’re against spoiling those wonderful “What is that” moments from games.

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