Some of the time, great things are unrealistic. Nintendo is for all intents and purposes set up to rake in huge profits in three weeks with the Nintendo Switch and each game waiting to be bought independently. However, as we detailed prior today, evidently they’d jump at the chance to go the course of DLC to get more cash out of you in March. Furthermore, they’re beginning to do just that with The Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild.

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Nintendo Is Blatantly Insulting The Fanbase With The Legend Of Zelda Season Pass

Skirting the standard criticism we would for the most part hold for DLC content that feels like a money grab, this appears to be more similar to a slap in the face to no-nonsense Nintendo fans. Consider it. You sit tight months for this new framework to arrive. You get yourself psyched up after every one of the recordings and buildups. Moreover, you now know that The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild is coming at dispatch. So you’ve set aside all your cash to purchase the framework and games you need quickly out of the door.

And now you’re told you’ll have an inadequate dispatch title (with name acknowledgment). Furthermore, you’ll have to pay more cash to get the rest. Nintendo is making a big PR fail by doing this.

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