Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful and best sold hybrid consoles of all times. Since the day it launched worldwide, Nintendo Switch has winded a lot of praise from both the users and the critics. Though some of the problems suggest that the console is still far from being perfect as more and more users are reporting the screen scratch issue. According to the users, the console is prone to scratching when in the docked mode. It happens mostly while the console is being inserted into the dock.

The Words of Reggie Fils-Aime

According to Nintendo America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime, this issue has never been surfaced in any of the company’s testing. However, he urged the customers to contact the Nintendo Switch customer support with details if they are affected. Because of no swift actions from the company and less to none Nintendo Switch support interest in the matter, most of the Switch owners have tried a number of solutions for the problem.

Tettzan777’s Idea to solve the Nintendo Switch screen scratching issue

One of the best solutions to the Nintendo Switch screen scratches issue has been proposed by a Nintendo Switch user named as Tettzan777. In Tettzan777’s method, he utilizes Nintendo’s one of the most popular and loved old console Nintendo 64.

Image courtesy  by Tettzan777

On a thread on Reddit, Tettzan777 claimed to have solved the Nintendo Switch screen scratching issue. He proposed that the use of an old Nintendo 64 console that he previously owned can solve this issue. He further proved it by posting an image (Above) of his project. The thread Tettzan777 posted his solution is a follow-up of previous thread made in which the problem was reported by multiple Nintendo Switch users and some solutions were offered. Since most of the users were asking for the solution to screen scratching issue, Tettzan777 replied with his idea. Tettzan777 further stated that he has completed this project in a week’s time.

The Nintendo Switch’s new Dock made by Tettzan777 with an old Nintendo 64 console looks amazingly great. And as a Nintendo Switch dock, it works properly but some users have concerns with it that cannot be neglected. After Tettzan777 posted his solution to tackle the Nintendo Switch screen scratching issue, another user pointed out that it would be difficult to connect the Joy-Con controllers to the side of Switch while it’s docked in the Nintendo 64 dock. Tettzan777 admitted that it could be a problem as the other user suggested, but to tackle this issue, he has added USB ports to the front. That USB ports can charge the Joy-Con Controllers.

As less authentic solutions are surfacing or the ones that are available are not so dependable. The idea that Tettzan777 proposed can definitely work wonders and it can save your beloved hybrid console screen from scratches. So for all those Nintendo Switch fans, who have an old Nintendo 64 broken console laying around somewhere. This idea might be the final solution until Nintendo itself provides with a solid solution to the scratching issue.

For a better look at Tettzan777’s idea of getting rid of the scratching issue, check out the following video that he posted online.


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