On the off chance that the Nintendo Switch does what it needs to do, then we won’t not get a continuation of the Nintendo 3DS. We figure the question is whether two screen gaming is a relic of past times. In the event that the answer is yes, we could see the Nintendo Switch being it. We like that they brought their two groups (home console and hand-held) together. Furthermore, part them separated again may be a great deal of work. That or, isolating their core interest. In the event that Nintendo can concentrate on one lineup of games for the Nintendo Switch, we don’t see us requiring both or another. Will there be a successor to the Switch? That is the main issue.

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Nintendo 3DS won’t get a continuation if the Nintendo Switch succeeds

Truly, by around that time, we have this inclination that Nintendo will be the last home console maker standing. Not on account of they are going to all of a sudden rule with the Switch. Or make Sony and Microsoft go bankrupt. It is a result of how much cash that organizations need to put into make a feasible console.

Likewise that it appears that both Microsoft and Sony are beginning to get a handle on to go different headings. Sony going the heading of a distributor or stream wholesaler (PSNow). Furthermore, Microsoft we believe will be betting everything with the Hololens. We realize this appears like an insane thought. However, we simply have this inclination that leave arrangements are being made.

Then again, we trust Nintendo doesn’t thoroughly desert the Nintendo 3DS line. Not just does it conceivably make some ungainliness for auxiliary establishments like Kirby or Fire Seal which have truly found a home on their devoted handhelds. Be that as it may, likewise, it would close the entryway on Square Enix at long last making a successor to TWEWY. It just wouldn’t be the same on a framework that isn’t organized in that way.

Source: Tech Times


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