Nintendo has said that it will keep on supporting its convenient 3DS console into 2018. They will keep on doing this in spite of its current cell phone achievement and the looming landing of its mixture home-and-handheld console, the Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo 3DS Will Continue Getting Games Until 2018 According To Company

In a meeting with the Telegraph, Shinya Takahashi, Director at Nintendo and General Manager of Planning and Entertainment said the organization saw the 3DS as an impeccable section point for new players. “Certainly I think 3DS from a price perspective is quite a bit lower. And it’s a system we’ve released a very large library for,” Takahashi said. “So I think from that perspective it’s a very good system for kids to have as their first system.”

Takahashi additionally said that Nintendo needs new and current 3DS players to get the gaming console. Besides, he needs them to in the long run move up to the new console as well. “The hope there also is that kids playing on 3DS will also shift over to the Nintendo Switch at some point in the future,” he said.

The 3DS was discharged in 2011 as the follow-up to the enormously fruitful DS group of handheld consoles. This utilized touch double screens to lure another group of easygoing and devoted game players. The first DS line sold more than 154m consoles amid its lifetime. It advanced touchscreen popularity before cell phones turned out to be so far reaching.

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