Nikon has officially announced the three KeyMission cameras.The New Nikon KeyMission 360, KeyMission 170, and KeyMission 80 are priced at $499.95, $399.95 and $279.95 in the US. The Pre-orders are not open as of now.


The KeyMission 360 is the Nikon’s first camera to come with full 360° video recording capability in 4K UHD. The new Nikon KeyMission 170 is also capable of 4K UHD video recording. While the Nikon’s KeyMission 80 is a compact and lightweight camera that can record great Full HD videos.

“The KeyMission series introduces amazing new tools for everyday storytellers eager to find and pursue their personal missions while sharing their loves with the world. History is full of stories told from behind the camera – the KeyMission 360, KeyMission 170 and KeyMission 80 will challenge tradition and invite users to embark on a journey to share their missions from entirely new, immersive perspectives,” said Kosuke Kawaura, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc.

Nikon KeyMission 360

The Nikon KeyMission 360 is perfect action camera that allows you to capture your adventures in entirety. It can capture true 360 degree videos in 4K UHD at 24p [3840 x 2160]1 or Full HD (1080p). The camera features two 20-megapixel CMOS sensors and two f/2.0 lenses. It can capture 30-megapixel still images.


The extremely compact camera is waterproof (98 ft.), shockproof (6.6 ft.) and freezeproof (14° F). Camera features include automatic in-camera stitching, in-camera stereo microphone and Electronic Vibration Reduction (VR). It comes with various shooting modes such as Superlapse, Time-Lapse or Loop Movies. You can share completely stitched 360-degree videos via a compatible smart device or PC. The new Nikon SnapBridge 360/170 app3 for iOS and Android devices allows you to access camera settings, simple editing functions or live view and share content directly. Advanced editing functions can be accessed via the KeyMission 360/170 Utility program for PC and Mac.

The camera comes with are a variety of accessories and mounting solutions including a Base Mount Adapter, two Base Mounts, Silicone Jacket for added grip and protection, two lens protectors and a cardboard-style head mounted display. It is also compatible with an optional remote control.

Nikon KeyMission 170


The Nikon KeyMission 170 allows users to tell stories from an individual’s point of view. IIt can be easily attached to a surfboard or a bike to capture your adventures and journeys. The new camera features an 8.3-megapixel CMOS sensor and a f/2.8 lens with a super-wide 170-degree angle-of-view. It can capture 4K UHD or 1080p Full HD videos. It comes with in-camera Electronic Vibration Reduction (VR) (1080p HD) to minimize camera shake. It can also capture high-quality still images.


The compact KeyMission 170 is waterproof (33 ft.), shockproof (6.6 ft.) and freezeproof (14° F) without a housing. It also features a rear LCD display. Camera features include Highlight Tagging [to create a highlight reel montage], slow motion movies, Time-Lapse and Loop Recording. It also works with Nikon SnapBridge 360/170 and KeyMission 360/170 Utility program. An optional Waterproof Housing is available that can extend underwater performance to 131 ft. It also comes with an optional remote control.

Nikon KeyMission 80

The Nikon KeyMission 80 sports a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 25mm f/2.0 lens with 80-degree angle-of-view. There is also a secondary 5-megapixel front camera featuring a 22mm f/2.2 lens with 90-degree angle-of-view. The new camera can capture Full HD 1080/30p videos and high-quality stills. It comes with features such as Time-Lapse recording and interval timer functions.


The Nikon KeyMission 80 is Waterproof (3.2 ft.), shockproof (6 ft.) and freezeproof (14° F). It also features a 1.75-inch touch LCD display. You can use Nikon’s SnapBridge app for easy sharing via Bluetooth5 or Wi-Fi.

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