The Nier Automata discharge date is shutting in quick. However, it is just for PS4 and PC. Regardless of the first Nier coming to Xbox 360, Square Enix and Platinum Games have said that there are no arrangements to discharge the continuation on Xbox One. Nier Automata maker Yosuke Saito clarified why the organization settled on this choice. He revealed that the Xbox One market in Japan wasn’t as solid.

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Nier Automata Won’t Be Coming To Microsoft’s Xbox One Ever

He stated that there are as of now no arrangements to discharge on this stage. The principle purpose behind this is that the Japanese market for Xbox One is not solid. So the choice was made to concentrate on PlayStation 4 instead of to part the endeavors crosswise over two platforms. In addition to the side, be that as it may, not building up a Xbox One variant ought to positively affect the general nature of the game.

The greatest advantage to creating on one platform, according to the developer, is that they didn’t need to part their time. Permitting them to concentrate more on the quality. This is what Saito said later on. It is not about whether one platform is superior to the next. It’s that from a development perspective, they can dedicate more opportunity to one platform.

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