Regardless of whether you’re a devotee of the first NieR and are energetically foreseeing its successor or you simply need to kick ass as a kick-ass android woman, NieR: Automata has a reasonable piece of buildup encompassing it at this moment. The game doesn’t discharge stateside until March 7. However, it propelled in Japan today. And a few players have found an extraordinary concealed trophy that you can open.

nier automata
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NieR Automata Trophy Requires You To Act Like A Perv

The trophy being referred to is called “What’s happening with you?”. And opens simply after you skillet the camera to see 2B’s clothing 10 times. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. You don’t need to perv on the primary character just once. You must do this ten times on the off chance that you need NieR Automata’s Platinum trophy. We won’t post the gif here for respectability. Yet you can look at it on the Reddit string in case you’re so disposed.

NieR Automata isn’t really the primary game to bolt a trophy or accomplishment behind such an indecent demonstration. The 2012 title Lollipop Chainsaw from Grasshopper Manufacture likewise makes you attempt to look at hero Juliet’s skirt. You need to do this to open the trophy “I swear! I did it by error!”. However, at any rate, that flies after only a solitary look. Instead of making you do it about twelve times.

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