We’re going to laugh if Nier Automata ends up being a better game than Final Fantasy XV. The combat’s already better, and Yoko Taro is a lunatic so we’d be surprised if the story and characters weren’t at least interesting. We can’t wait to see how the full Nier Automata turns out.

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Nier Automata PS4 demo is available and looks to blow Final Fantasy XV out of the water

Tadatsugu asked Saito about the open world during a demo of the game. And Saito began telling him that the world will be something like Final Fantasy XV. Where some areas can be explored until some point in the story. That’s when he brings up the point about some areas being closed off at certain points in the story. Honestly, we’re expecting this story to hit harder then FFXV’s.

We didn’t really notice until now but our main characters don’t make any grunts or battle cries during combat. In any other game, we would just say it was laziness, but with this, we feel that either they are not letting us hear it till the game comes out for some reason. Or that they just don’t have them and there is a reason for it.

The original Nier was more about huge open areas than detail oriented cities and whatnot. But the open areas in this game will likely be like the last game’s areas. In that, they are a hub that connects a bunch of smaller, more detailed areas. It’s a post-apocalyptic city, we wouldn’t be hard pressed to expect any more from it. However, aftermath of destruction can be a beautiful ascetic if done right surprisingly. Well in video game terms, strictly speaking, SMTIV is a good example. We hope Nier Automata follows that.


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