The file size for NieR Automata was recently revealed. According to the file size, PS4 users will need massive 45.4 GB free space on their hard drive when the game arrives. This is the follow-up to NieR. It is a third person open world RPG in an action pressed enterprise.

nier automata

NieR Automata File Size Revealed

Humankind has been driven from Earth, and a gathering of android sort troops has been sent into recovering it from dangerous machines. Investigate an obliterated world while battling off the enemy to reclaim Earth in one last exertion. We genuinely don’t know much about this one, but it should be awesome with numerous little things that are certain to charm. The game is said to have a very intense story, and considering the fact that it’s an RPG, it’s no surprise. NieR Automata is being distributed by Square Enix and was produced by PlatinumGames. So that ought to help clarify what kind of experience to anticipate.

The commencement for the Nintendo Switch is also happening. Meanwhile, individuals in Japan have run to new titles like Super Robot Wars V and NieR: Automata while they are still available. On the equipment side, there was a noteworthy 16,000 unit surge for the PS4. This was maybe due to NieR: Automata.

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