Playing Gravity Rush 2 right before playing the NieR: Automata Demo made us appreciate NieR: Automata even more. This game looks very, VERY promising. It is very similar to previous Platinum Games titles. Only that this time, it’s being marketed as an “Action RPG”. We would not call it that. We think it’s more of an Action game with more RPG elements than the average Action game.

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NieR: Automata developer prefers framerate over graphics

It runs at a fairly consistent 60 FPS, except for cutscenes. We just found out it runs at a native 1600×900 resolution on a standard PS4. That is an incredibly low resolution. We noticed that there was a lot of aliasing when people played it. But we didn’t imagine it was running at that resolution. We thought that there was a slight difference in power between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. It does not seem to us like that’s the case now.

This tells us something about Platinum Games. They prioritize framerate over graphical quality by a LOT. We haven’t seen other developers reduce the resolution so much just to get to 60 FPS (Other than Dice). Our respect for Platinum Games increased even more. And this was exactly our point when talking about Gravity Rush 2. You can always compromise on some graphical quality to get higher framerate. And most of the time, it’ll be for the better. We do mind that NieR runs at such a low resolution. But we would mind MUCH more if it ran at a poor framerate.

The PS4 Pro runs this at a native 1080p resolution with a more stable framerate and enhanced effects. We have got to say, this one game makes anyone want to upgrade their standard PS4. Although a better choice would be to buy this for PC.

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