Nier Automata is out now on PS4 with the game getting a universal praise both from reviewers and gamers. The game should come out for PC in the next couple of days, and it is one of the most anticipated titles for the platform.

nier automata

Nier Automata director Yoko Taro attended PAX East, which took place last weekend, and revealed some info regarding the possible DLC for the game as well as plans for a potential Drakengard collection release.

Regarding future DLC for Nier Automata Taro said that the current plans are not too bright. He doesn’t have enough budget needed to produce any extensive DLC for the game as well as not enough manpower. Yoko hopes fans don’t expect too much from the game’s DLC since he just doesn’t have enough resources to make it.

When asked about a potential Drakengard collection release, Yoko Taro stated that he’s interested in the project but at the moment there’s just not enough financial interest in making it. He told fans to reach out to Square Enix and share their interest in the project so that the company gives him the money and manpower to release Drakengard series collection. You can check out the entire interview on the Nier Automata Facebook page.

Nier Automata is now available on PlayStation 4 in all regions. The game launches on PC this week, on March 17th.


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