As the fans had started to expect that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will get back together and recreate the magic they had as a couple; talks are that Niall Horan the One Direction singer is trying to woo Selena Gomez and get the fire ignited within. These rumours started to do the rounds when they hugged each other in a sweet manner after the performance of “This Town” by Niall. This did not stop as Niall started to follow Selena over Instagram and also admitted that Selena looked beautiful in her new video “Wild 949”. Niall is not shy to show his feelings for Selena as he appeared on the radio chat on 102.7 KISS FM at LA and showered Selena with all the aspirations of romance he had for her.

Niall Horan is single and in love with Selena Gomez

The radio chat host named Ryan could not resist and asked Niall if he was dating anyone or still single; to which Niall clearly said he is single. Ryan again popped out the question on whether he is looking at Niall and Selena to get back and recreate the magic they have.

In a candid interview with WILD 949, Niall was asked by a reporter if he would be ready to fight Justin for Selena. Niall took a moment and replied that Justin is a peace loving person and would not get into a spat for a girl. On the other hand, Selena seems to be single right now and was flattered by the answer given by Niall to radio chat host Ryan. Selena seems to be spending more time now with close friends and is away from dating which is also the last thing on her mind. There seems to be some heart breaking point for the one direction singer as Selena still has some emotional connect for Justin Bieber. However, this is going to be a wait and watch scenario for the fans at the moment.


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