Last year Google introduced a completely new line of smartphones. The Pixel phone family replaced the good old Nexus series, bringing Android Nougat and much higher prices.

Although Google decided for the first time to make some features seen on Pixel phones an exclusive for the two devices, user interface found on Nexus phones still has some advantages over the two newbies.

For instance, even if being promoted as Pixel exclusives, the Support tab and a redesigned camera user-interface found their way to Nexus devices. According to Ars Technica, even the Smart Storage can be found on Nougat-running Nexus devices.

The new app drawer is way more subtle than before. The icon isn’t there, you open it just by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.  But, there are few customization options for the app drawer, making it a bit underwhelming when compared to the one found on Nexus devices. Fortunately, with Nova launcher, you’ll get tons of customizing option that can make the redesigned app drawer quite different from vanilla version.

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Contrary to a couple of features we mentioned before, the new Google Assistant stayed exclusive to Pixel UI. The latest assistant is more powerful than Google Now, but usage numbers show that the new AI companion isn’t very popular.

According to Technology Review, only 6 percent of users use voice assistant in public, and only a measly 1.3 percent use it at work, very disappointing results. It seems that a better part of users still prefers the good old Google Now.


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