Nexus devices have always received huge praises from everyone for providing prompt and latest updates to their users. While the latest OTA updates are always welcome, but it seems like Santa’s bag hadn’t come with all goodies this time. Several reports have started pouring in where Nexus 5 users have been complaining of having facing serious volume control bugs after receiving the latest OTA update. Users on different forums like XDAReddit and even on Google’s official AOSP issue tracker have complained of facing grave volume control issues on the latest build, MOB30P.

Nexus 5

Users have complained of various volume issues that have cropped since updating to the latest firmware version. Many Nexus 5 users have complained that they can no longer set app volume to zero, others have complained of having volume reduced to so low decibels that it is almost inaudible. Many other users have complained that they are unable to adjust volume while on a call. These problems seem to vary, but all of them are invariably related to the volume control.

If you still haven’t updated your Nexus 5, we would advise you to don’t do so now and wait for next month’s OTA update, which would hopefully resolve this issue. However, if you have already updated to the latest firmware and are suffering from this issue; then the only option is to flash to the previous Android 6.0.1 build (MOB30M). Let us know if you have any queries by dropping your comments below.


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