Samsung gave out a press release yesterday concerning the newly implemented changes to S Health, an app that allows users to interactively track health related activities. The next generation of S Health is now open to other Android devices that are non-Samsung.


These are the updates specified by Samsung in their press release:

What’s new in S Health version 4.5:

  • Dashboard provides a quick summary of daily goals and activities. Dashboard is customizable, so users can easily set own goals, check progress, and see latest tracked values quickly and easily at a glance.
  • Added health tips* based on personalizable user interest categories
  • Specialized tracker features for select sports such as pace-setter, route selector, exercise summary and power saving mode
  • Easier, simpler and more intuitive ways to share workouts though social networks
  • Add various social badges and routes on the share screen
  • Added support for more devices
  • Non-Samsung Android devices
  • All Samsung smartphones since Galaxy S3


With the use of the built-in sensors of a Samsung Galaxy and Gear devices, S Health can track things like the user’s heart rate, distance walked and diet.

S Health has various goals the user can pick from, such as “Eat healthier” or “Be more active”.

The press release also states that there are some tablets and mobile devices that still may not be supported by S Health, as well as possible regional limitations regarding some of its functions.


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