Microsoft is working hard to improve the user experience with the Settings screen in Windows 10 Mobile, and hence, you will get to see new icons in the configuration menu in the next preview build of the Anniversary update.

As noted by Corecast on twitter, the new icons are currently part of Windows 10 Mobile build 14342 and shall feature in the next insider releases scheduled to go live this week. There’s no confirmation as to which build number will be rolled out to users, but the availability of new icons is a certain thing mostly.

Microsoft has replaced many entries which only had generic icons with custom ones, and updated some old ones with more meaningful new versions. This will give some fresh touch to this side of the operating system.

The new icons will include Narrator, Date & time, Kid’s Corner, and others. Start icon has also been changed to a version that puts live tiles in the spotlights along with redesigned Lock screen and Glance screen icons with new modern-looking elements.

Following are a few screenshots of the new icons from Microsoft: The white screenshots show the icons in the current build 14332, while the dark one are from build 14342 and including the new design.

At this point, we would also like to let you know that Microsoft plans to release a new build this week alongside its PC sibling after Microsoft decided to delay both of them last week because of a critical bug discovered at the last minute.

Microsoft will release the Anniversary update this summer and every new build coming from now on will be more polished from the current release.


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