The new series respectively enthralled by Kiefer Sutherland  and Minnie Driver had their officialised full seasons. Designated Survivor and Speechless  will have 22 episodes each in their first seasons.

Designated Survivor is a political drama that tells the story of Tom Kirkman (Sutherland), the ‘designated survivor’ of the Federal Government assumes the US presidency after an attack causing death all charge above it in line . A conspiracy seems to unfold around him and he needs to protect his family while discovering what’s going on.

Speechless is a family comedy that brings the exciting story of a mother, Maya (Driver) who will do anything to make your child older, JJ (Micah Fowler) Has a normal life, even though he is the bearer of paralysis. Both were well received by the public and had positive reviews from the press, which of course counts points in favour of them remain in the schedule.


Recently, it was announced that Netflix acquired the international distribution rights of Designated Survivor.

Fiction starring Kiefer Sutherland and Minnie Driver comedy are the first to receive the trust chain alphabet.

After the commissioning of a full season of  This Is Us by NBC, ABC has also indicated which of their new bets for the television season 2016-2017 are the first meriting a first installment of 22 episodes .

Chosen by the chain of the alphabet have been Designated Survivor and Speechless, as published by Entertainment Weekly, and takes only two episodes broadcast has been necessary.

Starring the star of 24 Kiefer Sutherland,  Designated Survivor follows a security worker in the White House has to take control after a brutal terrorist attack. In his debut on ABC, the series scored 10 million viewers and although the data fell in its second week, remained as the most watched in its time slot.

On the other hand, the family comedy  Speechless protagonziada by Minnie Driver debuted with 7.3 million viewers, which fell to 6.4 in its second week.

Synopsis: Designated Survivor


Designated Survivor is an ABC drama series. The name of this series created by David Guggenheim comes the “designated survivor”, which refers to government member who does not attend the speech on the State of the Nation in the event of an attack ends the life of the President and the dome Central government.

So, Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherkand) is a minor leaguer in the American executive. However, after an attack in which the President of the United States dies, he who has to take over the White House and find those responsible for the attack on the most important government members will be.

This series is a drama focused on an ordinary man wrapped in an extraordinary situation.  Designated Survivor  is created by  David Guggenheim ( Safe House ) and is co-produced by  Simon Kinberg ( The Martian ) and Suzan Bymel ( Touch ). Starring a cast led by Kiefer Sutherland ( 24 ) in the role of designated survivor, and who accompany Kal Penn ( House ), Maggie Q ( Nikita ), Natascha McElhone ( The Truman Show ), and Italia Ricci ( Chasing Life ).

Synopsis: Speechless


Speechless follows the story of Maya DiMeo, a mother with a mission that would do anything for her family: her husband Jimmy, his sons Ray, Dylan and JJ, the smallest of the family, who have special needs, since he has not spoken never in his life. While Maya fight against both real injustices and imagined, his family works to create a new home for themselves and find the right person to return your voice to JJ.

The cast of this series includes Minnie Driver as Maya, John Ross Bowie as Jimmy DiMeo, Mason Cook in the role of Ray, Micah Flower as JJ, Kyla Kennedy as Dylan DiMeo and Cedric Yarbrough as Kenneth. Scott Silveri is the executive producer of the series, with Jake Kasdan and Melvin Sea Fresh Off The Boat.


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