A Redditor by the name of cokuspocus has found evidence of Niantic planning to introduce Pokemon trading in the future. The Reddit post goes as follows:

“I was looking through the code and found some stuff I haven’t seen many people talk about, several items, I will tell you what I think each is

Item_incense_spicy <-incense that attracts only fire
Item_incense_cool <-incense to attract ice or maybe water
Item_incense_floral <-incense to attract grass or bug type etc.

activity_catch_pokemon <- this is of course just catching Pokémon, BUT

activity_catch_legend_pokemon <- shows that legendarys will be able to be caught, whether at an event or however.”

The Redditor also claims to have found “forts” which could be Pokestops that players can take over:

“You see in the code mention of a fort, I thought initially that this was simply referring to gyms, but then you also see gyms mentioned, examples

Add_fort_modifier <- you can’t add anything to gyms except Pokémon, this is very interesting to me. Perhaps a legendary is in a fort and your team has to take it down? Idk, but be on the lookout for this.

Fort_deploy_pokemon <- this suggests that forts will let you place Pokémon, just like with gyms.

Fort_recall_pokemon <- this is interesting to me. You can’t manually bring Pokémon in gyms back to you, but this seems to suggest that with forts, you can.”

However, the Redditor didn’t provide screenshots of the alleged code. Niantic has yet to announce the inclusion of any Legendary Pokemon. It will be cool to have different types of incense in the game that which attracts certain Pokemon to you and allow you to catch them easily.

via attackofthefanboy.com
via attackofthefanboy.com

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