The latest Pokémon GO update brought some new cool Pokémon to the game, but it seems it also broke the game’s GPS tracking.

Many players report that, after the latest update, they can hatch eggs without even moving. It’s all connected to your phone’s GPS. The GPS tracking in Pokémon GO wasn’t too accurate, to begin with, and with the latest update, it only has gotten worse.

Pokemon Go

The problem is called “GPS drift,” happening because the game is getting inaccurate data from your phone’s GPS and then translating it into in-game movement.

If you check out this Reddit thread, you’ll see many players reporting that they can hatch eggs from the comfort of their chairs. “The GPS can’t find me too well in my work building,” one Reddit user posted. “I sit at a different desk every day and some spots are great for walking me in circles.”

The erratic GPS tracking is worse on some models, especially on Samsung devices. Many of users who reported about hatching eggs while motionless own the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, with a couple of iPhone 5 users also reporting a huge GPS drift.

At the moment it is uncertain whether the problem got worse with the latest update or was it there from the start, with new players noticing it and then using it to trick the game. One thing is certain, though – there’s a chance for the eggs to be hatched even without walking, it all comes down to owning a right phone.


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