Google Maps is used by millions of people who want to find their way around without asking other people. Maps makes it easier to find places, get directions to those places, and get recommendations on where to go when you are at those places. From fuel pumps to restaurants, you can find anything, anywhere with Google Maps. And the best part is that the Android app for Maps works flawlessly, which makes carrying the whole world in your pocket easier.

For those who use the Google Maps app for Android regularly, a new update has come up today. The new Google Maps 9.20.0 APK download file has been released and weighs 30.01 MB. It is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 and above, and brings some significant changes to the app.

google maps save offline

Now when you search for places like restaurants, hotels, game centres, etc., you get photos with reviews right inside the app. Also, an option has been included in the Settings of the Maps app that mutes the turn-by-turn voice instructions when you are on a call. Navigation has got better signage now, so no disconnected names and no confusion. You can now add a place to the Timeline to remember locations you would like to visit again.

The new Google Maps update is worth downloading for those who love this app. You can download Google Maps 9.20.0 APK free from