The Lord of the Rings came, in series, and baffled the imagination of each and every one in the world. Creativity, adventure, twists, integration of history and present in the most ironic or twisted ways, secrets that are sworn by iconic characters in the movie, and above all a cinematography that amazes the vision of anyone who watches it, Lord of Rings is the lord of movies in Hollywood.

So, it’s been a long time, that Lord of Rings, as a whole (leaving aside the Hobbit) hasn’t made a visit to the screens yet and this has kept fans boggling around for news. And now we finally have one, the new Lord of the Rings, franchise, Middle earth is confirmed by its creators and will be created by Downton Abbey  and James Strong. The movie will be surrounding the fantasy world of JRR Tolkien. Aye, that’s some serious fantasy to create now, Huh?


The plot of the movie will increasingly revolve around Middle earth and his affair with Edith Bratt. Angus Fletcher, wrote Middle earth, which was one of the un produced scripts. Fletcher had to conduct some deep interviews with the author in order to produce the script and this whole process took him 6 years in all. He also quoted that the author wanted to create the world an inspirational place which he did to some extent by doing his part righteously.

Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye, who worked previously with New Line cinema will be producing the Tolkien biopic. Well, Lord of Rings always comes out on a promising note and delivers the best of the best. The efforts of writers, directors, and the whole team, are clearly reflected in the movie. But now, we can only wait for the movie.