Microsoft Build 2016 is getting nearer every day, but before we hit that, a new set of leaks have appeared showing one of the extensions that reached Microsoft’s Edge Browser. The build is scheduled for March 30th, and Microsoft is expected to give more details and info about the future implementations in its next big update, Redstone.

Just days ago, we were greeted with the first images of Instagram and Facebook Messenger by the guys from Windows Blog Italy who have now brought us the first look of extensions that reached the Microsoft Edge Browser.

The extension support is expected to be released in next insiders build which shall happen tomorrow or a week later by the looks of it.

The extension appears to be a simple web analyzer and can be seen available in Windows 10 Store. So, it appears Microsoft will offer the extension via store only, making it easier for users to download and use.

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The Redstone update is expected to hit PCs sometime in June, giving developers a three-month window to port their existing extension to Microsoft Edge upon launch.


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