The year 2017 will see a lot of flagships. Arriving early in March and being unveiled at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress is LG’s next flagship – the LG G6. Samsung is also expected to unveil its flagship Galaxy S8 soon, although not at MWC. And Apple is working on its next flagship as well – iPhone 8. But the sad part is that when the iPhone 8 will be launched, many other phones would already have the features it will have.

Apple iPhone 8 Features Leaked Online What To Expect

iPhone 8 is Apple’s boring breakthrough

In what is being perceived as the biggest visual change ever for an iPhone, a curved screen using OLED technology will be part of the upcoming iPhone 8. OLED does offer several advantages over LCD, the most important ones being brighter vivid colors and reduced power consumption. But then this won’t be exclusive to iPhone 8. Many other competitor phones will already have deployed this feature months before iPhone 8 even hits the market. iOS may be exclusive to iPhones – but the hardware OS leverages on can be found in many competitor smartphones, some even better than the ones iPhone uses – memory chips, accelerometers, camera hardware, I/O devices etc.

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Apple will also be forced to use one of the existing OLED suppliers to bridge the huge production volumes of iPhone 8. And this means Apple won’t be incorporating something new – it will probably have to stick with OLED tech that’s familiar with the competition, presumably Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2. Though not exactly identical, the three flagship displays will use the same underlying technology.

Considering all these aspects, it looks like iPhone 8 will offer no significant “innovative” features over and above the ones that will already be available on competitor phones. Looks like some serious innovation is needed for Apple to “disrupt” the saturating smartphone market, something along the lines Steve Jobs did with his iconic keynote at MacWorld 2007.

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