It is not a secret anymore that Apple is already gearing up the release of the new iMac 2017 later this year. The company sort of announced it a few weeks ago when it did a roundtable interview with a number of tech journalists. Now, a new report seems to confirm that the upcoming iMacs will begin production soon.

Apple iMac coming in the second half of 2017

According to Digitimes, Apple has already placed an order for the new iMacs to be released later this year. Just like the older models, the new ones will be manufactured by Quanta Computer. While the actual numbers are yet to be announced, the report claims that the new iMac will enter production around May this year. This could mean that the desktops will be ready by the time Apple announces the iPhone 7 upgrade in September.

There have been many talks that the upcoming iMacs will be catered for professional users. This means that Apple will be using server-grade components to build the new iMac. Top of these components is the processor. According to various reports, the upcoming AIO will sport an Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6 as the main workhorse.

Of course, having a server-grade processor means that the RAM will be an ECC variant. This is quite a pleasant news since this type of memory is more robust and less prone to errors. The report also mentioned that the new AIO models will have a minimum of 16GB RAM and expandable to 64GB.

In addition to the new processor and memory type, the new iMacs will also have faster storage technology of up to 2TB NVMe SSD. Apple has been know to use NVMe storage for quite some time now due to its inherently fast read and write speeds. It would seem that Apple is abolishing the spinning drive on the new iMacs altogether in favor of faster and better NVMe storage solution.

There are no solid details yet on when the actual release of the new iMacs will be. However, since the news already came from Apple, it is quite sure to come later in the year. Perhaps between September and October.

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