It’s not the HTC Vive VR solution that we are talking about. We are talking about a new HTC Vive smartphone which has been leaked in a video. Rumors and speculations are already hinting that this phone could very well be HTC’s upcoming flagship. Is HTC shifting its focus from VR to smartphones in 2017? Will HTC Vive be the company’s next flagship smartphone offering? Let’s take a look!


HTC Vive smartphone leaked?

The leak comes from a well-established source known for accurate leaks. In the 90 seconds video posted by evleaks on Twitter, a lot has been revealed about personalization. With several catchy lines such as “Each person is unique, with a different set of passions and styles” , “We’re changing things up”, the video talks about CMF kitchen – a collaborative creative space for exploring unlikely combinations of colors, materials and finish. In fact, many believe that this video is just the CMF Kitchen commercial. But then, the video also offers a sneak-peak into what HTC is cooking up. The video in itself reveals very little about the phone, but it does point out that there’s dual camera on the rear and that it’s finished in a style HTC calls “litmus”. The end of the video shows three new phones – one of them carrying the “Vive” label. Could it be the new HTC Vive smartphone? Could it be a VR-centric smartphone?

The clip possibly shows where HTC is headed to in 2017. The video hints at HTC releasing more “personalized” phones, drifting away from the traditional black, gold and silver phones that are currently ruling the market. HTC is hosting an event titled ‘For U’ on January 12th. Will HTC reveal the plans for its upcoming flagship smartphone? Or will the company announce its plans in the Barcelona Mobile World Congress that’s starting on 27th February 2017? Let’s wait and watch! Meanwhile, this is the video we’re talking about –



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