In Western markets, Huawei has to fight to make its place to the top. Now when company has shown an intrest in high-end phones, the road to top may get better than before. Huawei is pushing itself for making its own chipsets as well as premium design such as Mate and P Series.

According to rumours, Huawei may join hands with Google as a new partner to manufacture the new Nexus smartphone. Huawei Mate 8 prototype will be the base for the upcoming device in the market. In few months time from now, it is rumoured to be launched.

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Metal or glass can be used to provide a premium build quality for the device. Powered by Snapdraon 810 processor, Nexus smartphone may have 2K 5.7-inch screen. With news of hot Snapdragon chips, it is uncertain that which chip will be used to power the device. According to sources, a Kirin chip being worked upon by Huawei may house this processor.

This is definitely a big prospect for Huawei to make a strong foothold in the worldwide smartphone market.


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