The Rap God is all set to thrill the world again. Slim Shady recently confirmed the new Eminem album 2016 but without disclosing its contents. But there is a spoiler, the album of the world’s rap icon, will have the President-elect of 2016 i.e. the controversial and surprise winner, Donald Trump.

The 44-year old, Rap God has recently released a new single, known as Campaign Speech, and has slammed the President-elect, Donald Trump in it.  Well, that’s his style. Eminem is known for making controversial music or we can say he never resists to be vocal about his thoughts and represent it in his music. So this is no wonder, that Eminem has greatly smashed the newly elected President, Donald Trump in his approx 8 minutes long Rap.

eminem new album

Reports also say that it is not confirmed that Campaign Speech will be a part of his new album but it can be guessed that the album is going to be political. Recently on Twitter, Eminem shared: “Don’t worry I’m working on an album! Here’s something meanwhile.” It’s been a long time now that Eminem hasn’t released anything neither he has claimed to have been working on any specific project. Since three years Eminem has remained on the quieter zone and now finally after a long interval, he has released something.

There is hope now, that the Rap God will be returning, but again no release date has been confirmed. We can say that our excitement that is on hold as of now, as we wait desperately for a new release of his piece of music. Stay tuned and keep watching this space, we will be updating it soon.


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