The game that made everyone crazy and leap out of their cozy couches to catch cute monsters has received some pretty bad news recently. Reports have been coming out stating that millions of the players have been ditching Pokemon Go since it was launched last year. To cope up with the falling popularity Pokemon Go developer Niantic may soon launch a new Easter Event.

The statistics have shown that Pokemon Go has lost around 80% of its consumers. At its peak, there were as many as 28 million Pokemon Go players and the reports from December suggests that the numbers have now fallen to a mere 5 million players. However, not all is bad for Niantic, the last event i.e., the Water Festival was immensely popular. As per a Tweet posted from the official Pokemon Go handle, over 500 million Magikarps were caught by players during the recently concluded weeklong Water Festival.

Although the numbers of active players for this quarter are not out yet but the tweet proves that such events have solid potential to bring back the casually active Pokemon Go players. Niantic seems to have understood this trend and is thus trying to bring people back to its app by launching another mega Easter event. The Pokemon Go Easter Event will be rolled out any day soon, so it is advised to the concerned players to stay in touch with their Go app.

Pokemon Go Easter Event
Pokemon Go Easter Event (credits- Niantic)

Not much is known about the upcoming Easter Event, but it seems that like all other easter eggs, the Pokemon Go Easter Event will incorporate colorful eggs in some ways that can be hatched easily.

The last big event was a huge success, Poke catchers were on a frenzy to capture shiny variants of popular PokeMonsters. People were always on the lookout to catch the rare shiny Gyarados.

Let us know which rare aquatic Pokemon you got to catch during the Water Festival through your comments in the box below.


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