The first DLC for Battleborn, a multiplayer FPS from Gearbox, includes Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs. It seems that Gearbox is trying to hype the upcoming sequel through Battleborn. The new DLC puts players in a vast city, containing areas that can’t be accessed easily, making a maze-like environment where gamers must search for the right path.


One Easter Egg was found through the vault icon, a symbol of Borderlands franchise. A word “Promethea” can be revealed by reading through the letters. Promethea is a planet where alien technology was first found. There are more Easter Eggs to be found in the new Battleborn DLC, further revealing details about the upcoming Borderlands 3.


The upcoming game could have its name changed. Randy Pitchford stated that Gearbox might change the title of the upcoming Borderlands game. He said that “We don’t even know if we’re going to call it that (Borderlands 3),” during a discussion that took place at PAX East. Although the game might have its name changed, it will surely come by 2018.

People working on the upcoming Borderlands title include art director Scott Kester, and Mikey Neumann, who wrote the original game story. Mikey will try making the story for the sequel more exciting for the gamers, trying to bring an interesting plot that will keep gamers hooked through the whole game.

Borderlands was a true hit; Borderlands 2 brought tons of new weapons, new characters and new features (like the vault hunting), making the game even more successful than the original. Borderlands 3 should come by 2018; the game could land a soon as 2017, but chances for that are pretty slim.


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