As the wait for AMD to come up with its first Zen-based Summit Ridge CPU and Excavator-based seventh-generation Bristol Ridge APUs continue, a Korean user has already overclocked the flagship Bristol Ridge A12-9800 APU with stock AMD Wraith CPU cooler. The results, we must say, were pretty impressive.

Via WCCF Tech

As you are probably already aware, this is not the first time when the benchmarks for A12-9800 have been published online. However, this, in fact, seems like the first time somebody actually tried overclocking it.

From the benchmarks posted on, the A12-9800 appears to have a lot higher overclocking potential compared to the previous-generation Kaveri APUs.

For the uninitiated, the A12-9800 is the flagship SKU sporting 65W TDP, quad-core CPU part, and working at 3.8 GHz base and 4.2 GHz Turbo clock, as well as GPU with 8 CUs and 512 Stream Processors, clocked at 1108 MHz.

The hardware used during the test included a B350 chipset-based forthcoming Asus Octopus motherboard and 8GB RAM. With this setting, the A12-9800 managed to score 4798.9MHz at 1.325V.

Meanwhile, as we move closer to the official release date sometime early next year, brace yourself for even more updates and leaks in the weeks to come.