EA has recently revealed the results for their competitive but successful fiscal year. They revealed a whole lot of important information about the Battlefield video game series.

According to the EA CEO Andrew Wilson while in a conference call with the investors, a lot of new Battlefield experiences are coming in the Fiscal year of 2019 and ahead. Furthermore, based on the information they shared, it is speculated that a new Battlefield game will release in 2018.

In addition, Wilson revealed something rather exciting about the Battlefield 1. The CEO also gave hints about DICE just getting started on the new content. And EA is aiming for the Competitive Spirit within the community. This means that Battlefield 1 will be getting new content very soon.

Here’s what Wilson stated specifically about the battlefield 1;

“Every Battlefield 1 player will have more ways to play throughout the year. With continual game updates, new maps, and three more expansion packs adding new armies, regions, and battlegrounds available to the whole community. We’re just getting started with our live service plans for this massive game. And later this year, we’ll introduce new ways for players to get an even bigger Battlefield 1 experience. Later this year, we’ll launch our first Battlefield 1 competition, unlocking the competitive spirit that runs deep in our community.”

This is a massive amount of Battlefield 1 content that is being promised by the most credible source of information, the CEO of the company. So there is no doubt that in near future, Battlefield players will have a lot of new content to enjoy. And best of all, the content will be available for all the players, and not just the DLC Owners.

Further confirmation comes directly from the EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, who while answering a question at the end of the conference call stated that;

“We’re not going to disclose attach rates because they’re becoming less meaningful, particularly in a world of live services. And you’ll see some changes to our approach, particularly with Battlefield and Battlefront over time. That makes those DLC less important because it’s ongoing content that’s being delivered. I will say, you’ll also see a lot of content delivered to the broad community for Battlefield, not just for the DLC owners going forward, which I think will continue to make those numbers a little less meaningful.

We’re very pleased with the engagement levels as well as the ongoing sales of Battlefield 1. And we think that will continue on. And I guess what I would say is, based on having seen some of the DLCs, I would never refer to them as a map. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming and a lot of interesting things about World War I that have yet to be even seen.”

EA further hinted out on their plans for the Live Services as well. Hopefully, fans will see all the promised Battlefield 1 content very soon. The New content includes various new elements that were previously either missing from the game or are fundamentally new ones.

What’s your say on the latest developments for the Battlefield 1? Do let us know about your views via the comments below.

Source: SeekingAlpha


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