For quite some time, Netflix has been testing the mobile data saver feature to limit the app’s bandwidth usage on a data connection, and more recently, various users of the streaming users have spotted the features in their app. So, it looks like the option to save mobile data is nearing release.


The video streaming company in its blog noted that the feature is working properly without any major issues. It caps the bitrate to 600kbps over mobile networks which is decent enough for quality and resolution on small screen devices like smartphones. One can access the option in settings for keeping the check on mobile data usage. For users on unlimited plans, this feature might not make much of a difference.

Now, the final release and availability of feature to everyone is expected in May as reported by Netflix. The company will release more about it at the same time.

You might check to see if the feature is available for you in the settings section of your app or update to the latest version. It’s a great feature and option to save mobile data.