If you are a Netflix subscriber, get ready to shell out a couple of dollars more from the next month, as the subscription price for old Netflix subscribers is going to increase. Around 17 million people or 37% of all Netflix subscribers will be paying an extra $2 per month for the two-steam, standard HD plan. Business Insider reported that the $7.99 Netflix subscription price will be phased out next month, and if you have been a subscriber before 2014 May, you will have to pay $2 more from the next month, that’s May 2016.


Last October, the $8.99 plan of May 2014 was raised to $9.99, but the old subscribers who got the plan for $8.99 were allowed to continue on the same price. However, it looks like the old subscribers of the $7.99 plan are out of luck, and they will not have to pay the new price from the next month. A lot of subscribers did not even know about this change, and many of them have been thinking of not renewing the subscription because of the increase in price.

Even though a lot of people think they will be dropping the Netflix subscription, the number of people who will actually do that will be extremely low. The current $9.99 Netflix subscription costs only 9 cents an hour as compared to the 30 cents per hour of an average TV package. So yes, the $2 increase will not hurt much, but let the users decide that.

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