Netflix seems to have found a way to bottle-neck people who use VPN, third party software to watch movies and shows not streaming in their country. While all this seems good in the short run, researchers believe this move will entice more users to privacy.

This comes from research done by Security Thoughts on 1000 VPN users who were subscribed to Netflix, a sample they found using targeted ads on Facebook and Reddit.


In response to Netflix new restrictions, 84% said they would pirate more content and 61% were unsure whether to keep their Netflix subscriptions intact with this new policy.

It all started in January when Netflix stated to imply measures to crack down users having VPN or other location-masking software.

A whole lot of background stuff goes in Netflix office regarding complicated licensing deals for content and shows and because of that there is difference in content offerings between countries. To counter this, many users thrive on VPN and software tools to fool Netflix’s servers into thinking their computer was located in another region, “unblocking” their favorite shows.

But with the no policy in place, Netflix will make sure such a thing won’t happen. And few days back it happened; many VPN users began to complain about being blocked.

As as now Netflix seems a winner in his own hindsight but out of the 1000 users surveyed, 78% believed of a possible workaround and failure of this new policy.


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