No one can undermine the reach and influence of the popular YouTube stars to people’s homes and even the big online video streaming service providers like Hulu and Amazon already know it. This realisation has dawned upon the video streaming giant Netflix as well.

In January, Netflix had announced “Haters Back Off”, a show based on the story of Miranda Sings, a character created by YouTube star Colleen Ballinger. It recently announced a new original series with the YouTube star Cameron Dallas who is famous for his prank videos posted on Vine. The series will supposedly follow the lives of Dallas, his family, and friends. This shows the emphasis given by the video streaming giant on the rising popularity of the YouTube stars.


Netflix is trying to develop more teen-centric and family-friendly programmes to tap into the infinite potential of the online streaming service. Perhaps this is the reason why we have seen huge promotions for Netflix original series like “Fuller House” and “Gilmore Girls: Seasons” along with the Ballinger’s “Haters Back Off” and Tina Fey’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”.

Brian Wright, director of original series for family and young-adult programming at Netflix. said, “Much of premium television today is rated TV-MA. And there’s been limited scripted broadcast television over the past 15 years designed for a broader audience, We are really interested in elevating the YA and family space in TV. If you get it right, you don’t limit yourself to one demo — you can get a broad cross-section of kids, teens and adults.”

Although Netflix’s interest in the YouTube stars has seen a meteoric rise from the last year, but it isn’t the first nexus of Netflix with the YouTube community. It has earlier acquired and carried shows like Defy Media’s “Smosh: The Movie” after they premiered and aired on some other network. However, Dallas’ and Ballinger’s shows are the first Netflix original series starring YouTube personalities.

Keith Richman, president of Defy Media said,“They have recognized that there is true talent here and audiences who are willing to watch and pay for it.They were out there looking for projects for the teen audience. We actively shopped it to a lot of people, and they were the highest bidder.”

There are various other contents currently carried on by Netflix which include famous YouTube Stars like AwesomenessTV’s “Richie Rich”,“Expelled”, “Video Game High School” and “Red vs. Blue.”

Interestingly Studio71 is currently in talks with Netflix regarding a new show although no deal has taken place as of yet.

Studio71 co-founder and president Dan Weinstein said, “They’re doubling down on content, period. Whether it’s kids programming, Adam Sandler or something else, there seems to be a new Netflix series every other day.” He further said, ” Netflix is testing to play in the YouTube space as they have the money to experiment.”

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