On the off chance that you have not heard yet, Netflix is taking a shot at an arrangement in view of Konami’s Castlevania establishment. There are not a ton of points of interest accessible yet. We do realize that it will be evaluated R. So this won’t be Simon’s Quest on the NES as much as it will be Bloodlines on the Sega Genesis. As of late, we got a gander at the publication for this new arrangement. And it is unequivocally dark and red. More so than what Nintendo’s Virtual Boy offered gamers willing to dive in.


Netflix Castlevania Series Poster Revealed

Make a beeline for Adi Shankar’s Facebook page to see the primary picture of the blurb for Netflix’s Castlevania arrangement. It absolutely sets the state of mind. And plainly tosses the arrangement on the darker side of the game establishment.

For those that don’t know who Adi Shankar is, he is the chief of this new Castlevania arrangement for Netflix. Mr. Shankar’s credits incorporate coordinating, or potentially official maker credits on, Dredd (2012, film), The Gray (2011, motion picture), Lone Survivor (2013, motion picture), and some more.

A few subtle elements we do think about this up and coming Castlevania arrangement is that the main season will hit in 2017. And the second season will hit in 2018. Seasons one and two are composed by Warren Ellis. Mr. Ellis is the composer behind Iron Man 3 (motion picture), RED (motion picture), RED 2 (motion picture), Dead Space (game), the story consultant for Blade (TV arrangement) and X-Men (TV arrangement from 2011). And different other gaming, comic book network shows and motion pictures (he composed Dark Heart for Justice League Unlimited from 2004).

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Source: Facebook