During the month of May, Netflix announced that it was going to launch an Internet speed test called Fast.com and the best part about using the service was that you weren’t tied to the fact that you had to be a Netflix user in order to avail that service. Now, the service has managed to launch a dedicated mobile application for the two most popular mobile operating systems on the planet: iOS and Android. Netflix has made the announcement in a statement taken from its blog post:

“On our company blog in May, we introduced fast.com, our new internet speed test. The idea behind fast.com is to provide a quick and simple way for any internet user to test their current internet speed, whether they are a Netflix member or not. Since fast.com was released, millions of internet users around the world have run the test.

We have seen a lot of interest in the site and questions about how it works. This blog will give a high-level overview of how we handled some of the challenges inherent with measuring internet speeds and the technology behind fast.com. But first, some news – we are happy to announce a new FAST mobile app, available now for Android or Apple mobile devices. Get the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.”

With the app officially announced, Netflix claims that its extremely easy to use, loads fast and gets the job done right away. After providing the speed results, it will give you two options to choose from: retry it, or compare it to another speed testing service. If possible, you can start using the service right away and post your test result screenshots below.

Download links of Fast.com have been given below:


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