Nintendo Classic Mini NES is back online on Argos Website after a brief absence. The sales are going to be restarted with more quantity and faster delivery.

The News broke out after Nintendo Classic Mini: NES reappeared on the Argos website. This means that Argos has re-stocked the NES and they are now selling the console again after a brief pause. Argos stopped Nintendo Classic Mini sales due to the shortage of Stock. After the shortage, the retailer struggled hard to obtain new NES stock and now you can buy it from them.

Now that the NES Classic Edition is available at Argos, all the eager customers can order the Console at the earliest. For localized purchases, you can use Argos website to check your local stores that are selling the Console via Argos.

According to the StockInformer, at Argos, Nintendo Classic Mini: NES was available a few days ago. The Console was only available for a bunch of locations such as Milton Keynes, Maidstone, and Victoria.

Besides Argos, Amazon and Nintendo Official Online Stores have recently received the new NES stock. You can check your nearest retailers (Amazon, Target, GameStop, ToysRUs, Walmart, and BestBuy) to buy the Console online.

It now seems that all the Stock Shortage is finally going to end as the new Nintendo Classic Mini: NES stock has started to arrive at Online Stores. Hopefully, in few days, you won’t have to face any difficulties buying your favorite Console.

The console remained out of stock for a good amount of time. Stocks in the US and the UK were finished after the Christmas. This is what actually started the rumors of Nintendo cutting the production of the Console. Thanks to the new arrivals, we now know that Nintendo Classic Mini: NES isn’t going away forever. The new stock arrivals at GAME, Tesco, and Smyths totally proved the rumors wrong. If you have to buy the Console, you should Hurry up because on all the mentioned stores, there is a limited stock available.

What games you can play on NES

You can play a number of fantastic and legendary games on Nintendo Classic Mini: NES. These games include Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Original Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, and Mega Man 2. Following is the list of best Nintendo Classic Mini: NES games. You can pick anyone of these and start playing from where you left off earlier. No password is needed and you will not have to keep the Console on all night as well.

•    Balloon Fight
•    Castlevania™
•    Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest™
•    Donkey Kong
•    Donkey Kong Jr.
•    Dr. Mario
•    Excitebike
•    Galaga™
•    Ice Climber
•    Kid Icarus
•    Kirby’s Adventure
•    Mario Bros.
•    MEGA MAN™ 2
•    Metroid
•    PAC-MAN™
•    Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
•    StarTropics
•    SUPER C™
•    Super Mario Bros.
•    Super Mario Bros. 2
•    Super Mario Bros. 3
•    Tecmo Bowl™
•    The Legend of Zelda
•    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


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